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How to Create a Fulltime Income Using Micro Job Sites

Many thousands of people are now using micro job sites as a way to make extra income. Many of these men are doing enough to finally be able to say goodbye to their work and create a full time income working from home. If that is your goal it’s certainly possible. In fact, micro job sites offering job probably the easiest and quickest way to be able to do it. However, there are many things you need to do to increase your chances of making significant income generated these pages. It’s not just a case of putting some work on a website and sit back and watch the money roll in. Here are some of the things you must do to maximize your chances of success.

Enroll yourself in a Micro Job Sites

There are many places to choose from now and make a few to increase your exposure and the likelihood of picking up work. There are even people who are listed on these sites that will do the work for you by listing you on many places. However, if you do not want to spend any money you can certainly do it yourself.
Try to create a great profile and tell all your potential buyers why they should choose you ahead of anyone else. Describe the relevant background and explain your attitude to do the job (which you are passionate, positive, excited, and so on…). You should take real care in creating the best profile possible as it is critical to your success.
On the other hand, you have to get some testimonials. Most buyers will look at the reviews and testimonials to see what others have said before they commit to use someone. This can make it difficult when you are starting as you do not want any of you have done work for yet. But, why not friends or family member to give you a character reference and put it in your profile? It only needs to be a sentence or two, but it will help the buyer feel more comfortable in choosing you.
Select a new and more established microjobs sites. If you find sites that are new it is worthwhile to join them and get in early. The owner of the microjobs site will be very glad to have you on board and even feature you on the site. You may be able to build a personal relationship with the owner, which may be useful.

Which Stuff You can sell Online in the Microjobs Website?

Unless you are a free man or woman, and still have lived your daily life completely off the grid, you perhaps might need some sort of steady income to survive. Whilst the conventional strategy to use a steady revenue stream is to still have a job or start your own business, some lucky everyone has discovered the lucrative possibility to make their earnings in the cozy comfort of there homes. Wondering how?? Read on…!

With all the Internet evolving as the ever-flourishing arena for lucrative businesses, folks have discovered their strategy for leveraging this booming industry and exploit that is a. The type of stuff would be to sell online at Micro jobs sites. These Micro job sites provide the golden opportunity to produce additional money from the comfort of your home, or perhaps start-up your own personal web business!! micro job Sites also help you to get a fantastic job based on your portfolio for work, and a lot more!!

It’s not at all about selling your stuffs at Micro-Job websites; it’s your creativity and talent that you sell online. Below are a few great suggestions for what stuff you are available at these micro jobs sites to earn a good income.


So, what you should Sell at Micro Job Sites?

It’s your services that sell on micro job sites, and you will be unique and imaginative enough to spot the potentials; elsewhere, continue with the trend.

1. Google, the giant search results in the world of Internet, prefers quality content in websites, and therefore, ranks a website in SERP. Quality content articles are in great demand today, specifically in small enterprises, which don’t have the creativity for developing appealing and relevant webpages that can these phones the superior ranking browsing engines. Hence, it is a good idea when you can sell your creative content online, with regards to the requirements with the business.
2.  To sell online, you are able to write guides on different intriguing, notable and relevant topics that is certainly sought after today, and send it to folks. These can buy downloaded automatically on purchasing SEOClerks, Mercadillo5, etc. Some concepts to suit your needs: the best way to produce a mobile app, how you can develop your personal website, the best way to generate a game server, and also the list continues.
3.    You may also create exclusive YouTube intros. Get a own templates that one could easily re-use, and replace the words space with people´s text. It’s also possible to place in some image placeholders to exhibit the possibility customers.
4.    If you need to excellent grip over English language, both U.S and British, you might use this skill in proofreading. There are several businesses and people who want their information proofread, and you can easily bag the right money using this method. You can also write their blogs making a good earning every month.
5.    People outsource certain grueling tasks with these micro job sites, they will hate doing themselves. Often, including writing scripts, data entry, banners, creating links, form fill, etc. Think; exactlty what can you do for small business owners which is why they are going to pay out $5 for the job in Twenty or so minutes?
6.    Positive reviews matter a great deal in online reputation management. Creates this change spark a perception? It is possible to write quality, well structured reviews for websites, game apps, products, movies, etc. And you can also look for a website or business that can enable you to get doing their reviews to get a good amount of money!!
7.    Are you talented enough to create enticing videos? Talents sell online. There are numerous people and businesses around which will send their products and services for you, and look for appealing video reviews of your stuff.  Use your voice instead of texts with your videos, as well as sell more.
8.    You can get creative techniques for promoting website or brand logos online. You will find there’s huge requirement for this on micro job sites. What else!! You may even earn $5 or the like, per go!!
9.    Are you good at selling tweets? You’ll be able to develop a huge twitter following then sell sponsored tweets.
10.    If you happen to be proficient at fixing HTML bugs, there are various companies that can help you with a good earning.

Finally, it can be creativity and exclusive services that sell on microjobs websites. People outperform on micro job sites since they produce unique ideas for which there is good demand online.  So what unique do you produce today?

Making money online using micro job sites work is great fun and it also has the potential to make you a good life if you do it right.


Buy and Sell to Make Money Online Using Gigbucks

Gigbucks is a hot new website, which is bringing a host of opportunities for those wishing to make some bucks via the online platform. This is a completely legit site where you can sell your services and products or buy them, based on your needs and preferences. This platform is especially ideal for freelancers who can use it to exchange business successfully. Make anything between $5 and $50, the easy way!

How to Get Started on Gigbucks?

Simply register with, create your profile, and wait for their response! Amazingly, it is a fast one. If you are a seller then you will start getting responses in the mailbox from the interested buyers or workers. On the other hand, if you are the buyer then the seller offers come pouring in. The best thing about this arrangement is that you do not need to go anywhere else, but can orchestrate everything just from your home. This site works like Fiverr alternative for those interested! No wonder, its popularity is increasing every day.

How Does It Work this Fiverr alternative?

Any service that you offer on this site is known as a GIG. The internal messaging system alerts you whenever anybody shows interest in that service. They may simply contact you or go for an immediate purchase. You have the option to accept or reject their proposal. Individuals and businesses can post as many Gigs as they want without restrictions or limitations. As the number of posted Gigs increase so does your chance of earning money. On an average person can post 3 to 5 completely different services on this website to get the best results.

This site is ideal for anybody who is looking to make some extra dole without going anywhere. Alternatively, if you are frustrated with your 9 to 5 high work, low paying job, it may seem like a breath of fresh air offering flexibility and a chance to make the needed bucks almost effortlessly. The site is simple to use and quite colorful with a fun vibe! Most importantly, as a freelancer of you can advertise your services here free of charge. The straightforward, cheap, and simple pricing, does away with hassles and surprises that can mar the buyer-seller relationship otherwise. There is also a recurring option of payments available on Gigbucks for services with monthly or weekly recurrence.

Buyers search through advertised services to find appropriate sellers. Once they come across an appropriate service provider, they will need to register on the site for getting access. After the purchase, real work starts immediately. It can be anything such as marketing, programming, or writing besides many other options.

Some of the currently available services involve,

  • WordPress
  • Link building
  • SEO
  • Voice-over
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • You Tube video creation

There are numerous other options available to the buyers and you need to search in order to find a service that fits your needs. When, offering projects do not forget to include a fixed time for completion! Once the completed work reaches you, you will have 3 days for review purposes. At the end of this time, the buyer may either accept or reject the finished product. Giving of legitimate reasons for rejection is crucial.

The seller gets two additional days for editing or redoing the work before sending it again, or face cancellation otherwise. Buyers post their feedbacks regarding every seller irrespective of whether the work is accepted or rejected. These publicly available seller posts are helpful to new buyers who can make up their mind by reading these reviews. Payments are through AlertPay, PayPal, or Gigbucks account credit.

Making the most of Gigbucks

In order to get the best benefits from this fantastic website, sellers should try to get as much exposure as they can for the services they offer. Share using social media websites, e-mails, article marketing, blogs, or forums. You can use keywords related to the Gig title, tags, and description. Do not forget to include an image related to your Gig. For getting valid search traffic, make sure that you create Gig back links. The website offers plenty of opportunities to users to get the maximum exposure for their products and services and ultimately it is up to the seller to make the most of such opportunity.

When one considers sites like Fiverr, springs to mind immediately. In quite a short time, it has carved a special niche among both buyers and sellers happy with its prompt response, cheap transaction platform, and earning capabilities!

So have you registered with Gigbucks yet?

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Fiverr Review : Pros and Cons of an Awesome Marketplace

One cannot deny the awesome benefits related to Fiverr as any Fiverr review is going to tell you. However, there are always two sides to a coin. In order to get the best from this fantastic marketplace it is necessary to be aware of both the pros and cons. Because of the fantastic scope to users and it myriad advantages, Fiverr have grown exponentially since its inception. If you are looking for services at $5, this is the place to be! Anything posted here goes naturally viral and this is where the real charm lies.

One of the apparent negative aspects of this otherwise amazing site is the qualitative aspects of the jobs done here. Since you are getting even the most complex services at the cheapest possible price-$5-maintaining high quality doesn’t always remain possible. After all, by paying up peanuts, you are bound to get monkeys and nothing else!

Here below is a look at some of the pros and cons of the site as pointed out by the best Fiverr reviews.

Pros of Fiverr

For starters, Fiverr seems to be a heaven for freelancers everywhere. If you have such skills as photography, art, voice-overs, writing, and web design among a wide range of other skills you have the potential to make money. Consider your niche market and you are ready to roll. Do away with your boring and low paying day job to do what you love whole day.

Many will happily quit the job they are holding only if they find the right alternative to fall back. This is where Fiverr becomes such a hit with the users. As a wise man said, if you love what you do you do not have to work ever again! Fiverr allows you to do just that! Why step outside when what you always wanted is available at your fingertips?

Those who think that they are getting only $5 from their service on Fiverr should not ignore the awesome exposure they are getting. Most people do not get a chance to show their talent and languish away in an unfulfilled life! This doesn’t happen here. You can show what you are capable of and find clients in need of your services. The growth potential available here is present nowhere else.

Here you can offer your Gigs or services for $5 and charge extra for upgrades and additional jobs.

So, the basic benefits outlined by Fiverr reviews are as follows

  • Get your dream assignments & make money doing that
  • Comes with a simple concept which is easy to use
  • Easy site navigability due to clear & clean designs
  • Become a part of fun & active community & a supportive forum

If you are lucky or good enough, you may turn a simple gig into a full time high paying job. Many users have done just that and have lived to tell the tale. Who knows, you may be the next success story penned by! Even if you are getting some extra money on the site other than you regular paying job it remains a win-win situation for you. After all, how many people are paid to indulge in their hobby!

As, review tells you, compared to other job bidding sites this site offers quality work to interested people. Also, the customer services related to it are prompt and resolution of various grievances is quick and satisfactory. The staff here follows up with you to ensure that all is well and you are happy with the results. Open communications and good support makes Fiverr a delight to work with.

Cons of Fiverr

Some of the cons of Fiverr are as follows

  • Automated level & rating systems easily skewed by outside factors
  • Holding of funds for 14 days in the post payment scenarios
  • Payment options are quite limited relying on additional fees & Paypal
  • 20% revenue share with Fiverr which is higher than other sites
  • Limited seller control present due to automatic job acceptance

I have to say that other fiverr alternative sites have taken this negative point to their advantage.

Do the negatives of Fiverr review seem overwhelming?

The answer to this is an emphatic NO! Do not believe anybody but hard statistics because this is where the truth lies. According to review, the site boasts of 3,000,000+ services presently (When I´ve wrote this post). Today sellers can offer high-level services here in the range of $500. For new buyers the site offers a no lose situation where at most you find yourself poorer by $5 only! No wonder the number of Fiverr fans is increasing by the day!

In the near future we will come back and update you with more Fiverr reviews.

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Fiverr review | review | Fiverr reviews

Outsource Your Blogging Tasks through Sites Like Fiverr

Fiverr originally got its start as a unique concept. It was the only freelancing website when it got started so most people were happy at its start-up. Bloggers especially preferred it since it was a great way to get some original and inexpensive articles written. However, like most sites, the first one out there is generally not the best. There are some great alternatives out there that offer increased resources and opportunities.


These Fiverr alternative sites are some of the best alternatives available today

GigBucks is a popular alternative, and I prefer it personally for many different reasons. It has one of the easiest interfaces to navigate and has multiple categories to make browsing easy. It’s also a great place where you can find some of the best freelancers in the business. While you may get a lower price on Fiverr, you’re going to find better quality here. The way it works is that each freelancer gets to decide how much they’re going to charge for their services. Each “gig” can range between $5-50, although most smaller projects are on the lower end of that price range. And, for just a few dollars more, you get much better content. As a blogger, it’s hard to top the quality you find here.

But, if budgeting is an issue, there are other sites like Fiverr out there for a low-budget blogging alternative. Tenrr is, to be honest, a complete replica of Fiverr. The name is even eerily the same. The interface was almost identical before the last fiverr look changing, which will make it easier to navigate through the site. The good thing is that this is the place to find low-price options. The range is from $1-10. Chances are, if you’re looking for quality content, you may have to pay a little more. But there are some great, low-price options so if you’re strapped for cash and need some easy and affordable help, it’s a great site to use. You may also be surprised to find that the content is generally pretty good. Sure, there are always some bad postings, but it’s fairly easy to weed through these and find the better options out there.

More Sites Like Fiverr

Another low cost alternative is Fourerr. Once again, I’m not sure why this is any different than Fiverr, but it’s definitely a lower-cost alternative. Finding sites like Fiverr are fairly easy, but there’s a lot of scams and poor quality options out there that are going to be a waste of both time and money on your part. But, Fourerr is a good option that hosts $4 gigs. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same. Payments are made through PayPal and the interface is remarkably similar. It’s probably not a better site, in terms of quality, but you’re going to save a buck on each gig. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I’m looking for several gigs, it’s definitely worth visiting this site.

Good Question About Fiverr Alternative Sites

But, you may be asking, why should you be looking for sites like Fiverr and not Fiverr itself? Well, there’s a few main reasons. Quality is always key, and when it comes to quality on Fiverr gigs for SEO links especially, it doesn’t look too good. You’re going to get the links that you pay for, and you might even get the links that have the specific PR that you need, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be good quality, relevant, or linked in a way that looks natural. This can lead to you getting booked by Google as a bad site. So, you’re much better going with an alternative site that adds backlinks slowly and steadily. You don’t run the risk of this sort of penalty, and you’re going to do much better with this option.

It’s also easy to get stranded on Fiverr

This site doesn’t do a great job of making sure that each writer doesn’t get overwhelmed. So, you might order work and think that it’s going to get done, only to find out that you’re left out in the cold. Other sites like Fiverr do a better job of monitoring this, making sure that you get the content you need in a timely manner.

So, instead of having to deal with the mistakes on the Fiverr setup, try these other sites like Fiverr and avoid getting burned. As a blogger, these options are inexpensive and offer you a great deal of options to choose.

Mercadillo5 is one of the most powerful fiverr alternative with its new design and the most important thing is that people could make much more money than through any other fiverr alternative thanks to its potent affiliate program.

fiverr alternative

Top fiverr alternative sites you should know

More people are finding the idea of working and/or offering services from the comfort of their homes more desirable in terms of revenues and convenience. There has been an increase in the number of websites that are offering a platform for online jobs. The platforms are great for people who do not have jobs or those that cannot leave home. The convenience of making an extra buck by employing individual skills and talents is tempting even to the employed.

Fiverr offers the solution to many employers by introducing the concept of outsourcing. The employers reap huge benefits as they manage to get diverse types of services at relatively cheap prices. The concept though pleasing to employers, it is not as rewarding to freelancers, which inherently has led to them seeking a fiverr alternative or micro job  sites.

Initially fiverr was the fresh face in the freelancing market and its unique concept was welcomed by all as the new change. Freelancers are known for their resourcefulness in finding multiple sources that will generate income. The desire by freelancers who want more than the $5 for their services has led to increase in alternative sites for fiverr. The idea of getting only $5 per gig before fiverr takes its 20% commission has made most people freelancers search for fiverr alternative.

The storm with which fiverr captured the market has waned greatly, leaving the former giant offering more complex jobs for small price but very hard work. The concept of doing complicated jobs for a mere $4 is not worth the hassle and checking the top 10 fiverr alternatives offer a clear direction.

Here is my top 10 fiverr alternative sites you should know



Freelancers enjoy Gigbucks because you get the opportunity to post as many gigs as possible while charging your client from $5 to $50 for your services. After completing your task, you will be paid via PayPal and no withdrawal conditions will be attached.



Mercadillo5 is a great alternative to fiverr as it offers all the other services and attributes that you will get on the top ten alternatives while the whole website design that makes it fun and enjoyable. Also, people could make much more money than any other site in the same area of industry thankfully to their potent affiliate program.

Fiftytown (Recently Closed)


The website gives a large amount for the same things that are hosted on Fiverr for less. The platform operates gigs of only $50 and cuts a twenty percent commission.

Dollar3 (Selled to


For a freelancer who is looking for a quick way to generate money the Dollar3 is a good option as you can earn up to $90 for a gig. The platform gives you a chance to post as many micro jobs as you can. The best thing about dollar3 is that they use both PayPal and alertpay as an alternative to fiverr.



This site contains gigs mainly related to SEO, promotions, internet marketing, etc. The Big deal is that it offers you the widest range of amount. You can ask for $1 to $999 for a gig . This Fiverr alternative is best for Webmasters and internet marketers.



The alternative of this platform is complimented by the fact that they offer more than fiverr. You will get to host gigs for $10 or $20 while the commission remains at twenty percent making it worth your while.



The name just gives it away as a clone of fiverr and you will find they share a similar interface. However, the platform has a lower commission rate and gigs from $1 to $10 which makes it suitable as a fiverr alternative. It is useful as you can get any kind of category that suits you best.

These were our choice among the top Fiverr alternatives

Do you have any other list or suggestions. Feel free to put your views in he comment box below. We´ll try to give reply to your suggestions as soon as possible.